RIYL: melodic emo-tinged indie rock

Label: Spartan Records

From Spartan Records:
Ann Arbor’s Fallow Land was born in a time of trepidation — a period of unease and anxiety following multiple losses. The result: Fallow Land’s debut EP ‘Pinscher’, a guitar-driven narrative centered around disillusion. Two years have now passed since the release of Pinscher and with time has come critical praise, healing, and evolution — all elements that fueled the creation of Fallow Land’s debut LP ‘Slow Down, Rockstar’. For Fallow Land, the album marks a sonic progression. In the spirit of bands like Foxing, American Football, and Minus the Bear, the record is driven by rhythmically-nuanced textures. The sum of the intricate instrumentation and layers create a lush and mathy soundscape. While records within this genre can border on self-indulgent, the Matt Bayles (Isis, Minus the Bear, Pearl Jam) produced ‘Slow Down, Rockstar’ remains accessible, memorable, and melodically compelling throughout the entire album.

Limited to 300 copies, you have a choice between the “Pool Party” variant limited to 200 copies (Baby Blue inside White inside Baby Pink Color-In-Color-In-Color) and “Ghost”, limited to only 100 copies (Transparent Purple / Milky Clear Swirl with Clear Splatter).

The Details

First pressing limited to 300 copies:

• "Pool Party" (Baby Blue inside White inside Baby Pink Color-In-Color-In-Color) (200)
• "Ghost" (Transparent Purple / Milky Clear Swirl with Clear Splatter) (100)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with printed uncoated innersleeve.

This is a pre-order. All pre-orders include an instant download of "The Hope" and high-quality download of Slow Down, Rockstar on July 26th.

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Price $19.99

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