One of my absolute favorite bands, YMAEWK is one of those bands that somehow survives self-imploding and comes out of it with heart broken, but limbs intact. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the newest song released from their upcoming album ‘Dogged’. The lyrics have always been scathing and self-introspective, but there is a new amount of anger and depression underlying the beauty of the layered chorus – “Does it amaze thee that I could be this banged up and still thrive?” As Ben Liebsch reveals to Alternative Press:

“The song is a reflection on where I was at the time I wrote it,” Liebsch tells AP. “Suicide had entered my mind recently after several months of spiraling downward at a job with no bigger purpose and I was growing concerned. I was looking at my life and wondering whether I’d really come as far as I thought. The same ghosts still haunted me, and 20 years of this had grown frustrating. A lot of this record is about my reflections on my life during a time of suicidal ideation.”

Artists with histories of depression and a bit of chaos isn’t anything new, but it’s always been amazing to me people like Liebsch that can turn this angst into a killer song. Here’s hoping he continues to grow, and continues to release music that hits me where few others can.

The Details

You, Me and Everyone We Know - First Pressing 'Dogged EP' on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl!

Track listing:
1) Raise Them Bones
2) Does it Amaze Thee?
3) I'd Rather Be Sleeping
4) Eat My Hands
5) Brooks Was Here
6) My Pleasant Bummer

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-Receive a digital delivery of the full EP on release date, March 17th, 2015

First pressing:
200 Green Splatter
400 Blue
400 Black

Price $12

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