The fine folks over at Broken Circles Records have made the new Dreamtigers album available!!

Hailing from Beverly, MA, Dreamtigers is a band that has a lot of thought and meaning going into their recordings. The band name itself is derived from a poem by Jorge Luis Borges. Within this record is contributions from musicians of  such bands as Caspian, Polar Bear Club, and Balmorhea. It’s always exciting to see what comes from contributions of fellow musicians on a friendly release!

Only one track is available so far, entitled Never Know. Speaking of the track, the band stated, “‘Never Know’ started as a bonus song that we’d work on for fun at the end of the writing sessions,” Woodruff explains. “We just started playing and it sort of wrote itself. I think it hints at our punk and emo roots a little more than the rest of the record. The lyrics refer to something very specific, but the process gives them a double, slightly tongue-in-cheek, meaning.”

With that being mentioned, I am even more excited to hear what the rest of this release has to offer!!

Check out Never Know down below!!

The Details

500 Copies
300 Blue / 200 Gray

Just A Game
Never Know
Go Forth Alone
Letting Go
(Empty Roads pt. I)
The Escapist
The Smoke And Low
So Long
God Damn My American Heart
Gone Away
(Empty Roads pt. II)

Price $12

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