Feel like taking a trip back to the glory days of emo in the 90s? You’re in luck. This split single came out nearly twenty years ago, and Polyvinyl still has copies kicking around their warehouse. Just like yesterday’s STRFKR/Champagne Champagne split, this comes at a great price – one Abraham Lincoln. These two Illinois bands were incubators for members of even more bands that you know – Braid, Joan of Arc, Very Secretary and Bill Ding to name some. The cold-ridden Urbana-Champaign and Chicago have given birth, and played home, to many influential indie acts and I don’t think there was a more fitting time for Polyvinyl to put this on sale; I mean, look at the band names. Days in December was a part of the first wave of midwestern emo bands and as far as I know, this is actually their only published song. Sweater Weather, on the other hand, has two more published songs outside of this that came out on Divot. The running theme with emo bands is that their lifespans are like flickers of light, unfortunately, so some didn’t get much time to breathe and release more material. Check out the Spotify stream of this split below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

A classic that features a barrage of members of bands who went on to play in/form even more bands. Days in December were based in Champaign, IL and included Roy Ewing (Braid, Very Secretary, Mary Me), Rachael Dietkus (Very Secretary, former mpPA tour violinist), Tim Adamson (Very Secretary), and Jeff Garber (Castor, National Skyline). Jeff is credited under the William Hawk pseudonym.

Sweater Weather were from Chicago. Three of the four members were in Gauge and Radio Flyer (Kevin Frank, Ryan Rapsys, Paul Obrecht) with Zac Conway rounding out the group. In addition, members also played a role in a handful of other bands including Traluma, Sky Corvair, Haymarket Riot, Euphone, Heroic Doses, Bill Ding, and Joan of Arc.

Two bands have rarely complimented each other as well as Days in December and Sweater Weather. Superb musicianship b/w jazz-filled instrumental extravagance is but one description. Although Days in December played several shows and had a handful of songs, "main.in.vine" is the only one the band ever recorded and released. Sweater Weather went on to release a two-song single on Divot.

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