I’m not much for the pop punk genre, well not since warped tour 2003, but fellow writer Justin Clark turned me onto this band this week and i’ve really been enjoying it. He described it as being similar to Piebald and I can totally agree with that. Take a listen. This will sell out soon.

Stream the single here – https://www.avclub.com/articles/listen-to-my-crass-patch-from-new-jersey-duo-dads,99671/

The Details

Dads are a two piece emotional indie rock band from New Jersey. "Pretty Good" is the four song follow up to last years incredible "American Radass (This Is Important) LP.

"Pretty Good" expands on the sound Dads has become known for, and takes it to the next level.


100 - Clear Red / random splatter
300 - White w/ Red swirl
600 - Clear Green

8/6 street date - Expect this to ship early August

Include the Dads shirt for a discount!

Price $6

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