Braid is a band you might think of immediately when you hear/read the term “emo.” Braid was a part of the first wave of emo that had more in common with post-hardcore than pop; they also happen to be from Urbana-Champaign where some certain other influential emo bands hail from. Braid’s been kicking around for twenty-two years now and it’s fitting that they release this cassette box set. According to the band’s Bob Nanna, the band has yet to officially release anything on cassette and since the cassette revival is booming, why not strike when the iron’s hot? For $60, you get a great deal. You get a custom screenprinted wooden box (designed by the band’s first bassist) with six Braid albums all on cassette for the first time, with an instant download of almost one hundred songs. You could say Polyvinyl‘s hooking it up fat. Listen to four of the albums you get in the box set below via the YouTube and Spotify players and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Braid has always kept meticulous track of all of our releases, editions, formats, etc.

Right now we are up to about 6000 or so combinations, give or take a thousand. And so it SHOCKS me that over the course of the past 22 years of our existence, a Braid song has never been officially released on cassette.

Sure, we did cassette demos in 1993 and 1994, but those ultra limited versions were destined for the garbage cans of record labels that decided not to sign us, and thus, unofficial.

Polyvinyl to the rescue, then, and Polyvinyl to the rescue, now!

And all 6 releases to boot in a beautiful wooden box, with art by Jay Ryan, coincidentally the original bass player of Braid, despite his quitting after our first practice because he "couldn't count to 5 1/2." True story. We're really psyched with how this turned out and we hope you enjoy it.

-Bob Nanna

Price $59

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