My first big high school romance unfortunately played out like a John Cusack film.  I got the girl that was out of my league, things got heavy and emotional rather quickly, I constantly felt insecure about how she felt about me, and then she dumped me.  I’m not kidding you here, she dumped me outside her apartment…in the rain.  In the f-ing rain.  My soundtrack to heartbreak was a bit different than Cusack’s, though.  Instead of Peter Gabriel and The Replacements, I had Sunny Day Real Estate, Knapsack and Jimmy Eat World.

Big Awesome sounds like the amalgamation of all of those emotions I was processing back in emo’s burgeoning years in the mid to late 90s.  John Blanken shreds his vocal chords with the same heart-on-sleeve intensity as Davey Bohlen (Cap ‘n Jazz, The Promise Ring) and Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record).  He can hold a damn note, cracks and all.  Colin Czerwinski wields his guitar with the perfect amount of midwest melancholy.  The amount of nostalgia these guys are bringing me today is staggering.  Someone get me a kleenex.

There are 3 variants to choose from, but the obvious choice is the rarest of the bunch, a green and orange starburst slab limited to 100.  Check out the full album below and buy a copy on the color of your choosing after the ‘buy’ link for a pre-vinyl resurgence price of $12.  If you live in the UK, buy it HERE.


The Details

First Pressing:
200 Coke Bottle
200 Khaki
100 Orange and Green Starburst
released 07 August 2015

Price $12

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