RIYL: Say Anything, I Am The Avalanche, Taking Back Sunday

Label: Hopeless Records

Bayside, New York rockers and aggressive pop-punk stars, have announced a new acoustic album nearly 12 years after their first acoustic album simply titled “Acoustic”. As a Fan (with a capital F) of them, the original acoustic album has been one of my most played albums, much to my wife’s consternation. Something about listening to the songs that are normally angsty ballads being turned into subdued guitars with his crooning voice sends shivers down my spine. The new album is a very exciting one for me then, obviously, especially because of the 11 songs on the new acoustic album, only two (Blame It On Bad Luck and Devotion and Desire) have been done before and one of them is an entirely new song. Can’t wait for this to come out and I hope you can’t either! Get it now!!!

NOTE: The Black 180g edition only comes as a bundle with a shirt or hoodie, so it’s cost is higher, but you do get a screen printed record jacket

The Details

It's been over 12 years since the release of our Acoustic EP and we decided that it was time for an updated and longer version. This time we did it with a full band and completely re-imagined the 10 existing songs on the record.

Acoustic Volume 2 LP - Aqua Blue
Pre-Order includes instant download of the new single 'It Don't Exist' and a full album download upon release date

Track List:
Side A
1. Sick Sick Sick
2. Mary
3. It Don't Exist
4. Duality
5. Landing Feet First
Side B

1. Howard
2. Blame It On Bad Luck
3. I Can't Go On
4. Pigsty
5. I Think I'll Be Ok
6. Devotion and Desire

LP Colors:
D2C/Webstore Screenprinted Version (Initial Pressing: 200 units): Black 180 gram
D2C/Webstore - Aqua Blue (Initial Pressing: 1,750 units)

Release Date is September 28th 2018

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Price $18

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