From the label’s website:

Truth & Soul is proud to present a “Best of” collection by the very mysterious, very enigmatic, and always psychedelic, six piece funk ensemble that goes by the name…The Fabulous Three.

Another review said this :

“Listening to an album of the Fabulous Three is like listening to one long, lysergic blaxploitation score “

I think this is all pretty accurate. However, the actual story around the “group” is a little more mysterious.

Unfortunately the guys on the front of the sleeve are not the guys in the group. There may or may not be six of them but it’s definitely not three.

This project was headed up by producers Jeff Dynamite and Leon Michaels and a handful of musicians. This album is essentially everything that these guys did under the name ‘The Fabulous Three” throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

If you like jazz and funk or wearing suave ass polyester clothes, this is right up your alley.

The Details

Their music has been comped on Soul Fire:The Majestic Collection and Fallin Off The Reel but never has their entire catalog been compiled on one LP. It is Truth & Soul’s pleasure to show the world the weird and wild music of the Fabulous 3.

Vinyl comes with a download card.


1 Answer Me Softly Pt.I
2 Answer Me Softly Pt.II
3 Nightbird
4 Whitesands Pt.I
5 Whitesands Pt.I
6 Django's Soul
7 Sweetback
8 No Name Bar
9 Pep's
10 Recording 82
11 Odyssey Revised
12 Hand Cramp
13 Fly By End

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