RIYL: Sven Wunder, L'Eclair, Mildlife, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Label: College of Knowledge (AUS) // Mr. Bongo (US)

Vibey jazz funk instrumentalists Surprise Chef have quickly released a sophomore follow-up to their widely-praised 2019 debut All News is Good News, a cinematic collection of vintage library music, lounge, soul and everything else that gives aspiring crate diggers raging aural boners. The quartet is swiftly putting Coburg, Australia on the map alongside the other musically-flourishing in the country. Seriously, what’s the secret down under? Is it their diet? A healthy workout routine?  Give us yanks a damn clue, would ya?

The ‘buy’ link leads you to Mr. Bongo Records in the states where you can buy Daylight Savings on black vinyl or a creamy white ‘indie exclusive’, but keep in mind that it’s a different pressing than Surprise Chef’s Aussie label College of Knowledge Records. They have a black vinyl pressing limited to 500 copies that you can buy HERE. There is (or was) a ‘dinked’ version on blue vinyl limited to 300 copies, but you may hafta do some digging online to find a copy. Most likely, those are sold out. For the collectors out there, keep in mind that their debut record on College of Knowledge is already selling quite high while the Mr. Bongo version is still barely above cost on the secondary market. Why that is…I have no idea. It is what it is.

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*PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order and will be shipping on or around 16th October*

BLACK VINYL or INDIE EDITION COLOURED VINYL available. Both come with poster insert.

College Welcome / Deadlines / New Ferrari / Washing Day / College Welcomes Carl / Sick Day / Daylight Savings / Dinner Time / Leave It, Don't Take It / The Limp

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