RIYL: Lena Horn, Kurt Elling, Diana Krall

Label: Self-Released

The Jazz musician and vocalist Sara Gazarek has withstood the test of the music industry and came out the other side ready to stretch her creative arms and start fresh and new. Living in Los Angeles, you quite often have producers, managers, engineers and production companies put a damper on what an artist is able to do, where they simply put the blinders on the artists and have them focus on what they think will work. This, according to Sara was what happened to her when she signed her record deal. But now that the obligations are over, the forceful hand of the industry has waned, she is able to put out material that she can have control of the creative license, unlike before, and create music she can truly call her own.

“Stumbling into a recording contract right out of college not only came with big management and an even bigger booking agency — it also came with what felt like big responsibility. At 20 years old, I was recording, touring, interacting with press and new fans. And, while everything in my career seemed to be moving in the right direction, I now see how this level of visibility at such a young age actually created a certain amount of pressure to “be the happy girl in the dress” that I felt my mentors and managers expected. I had been told that the ultimate goal was to craft a set of fun, light music that left people feeling happier than when they’d come in the door. And my band and I were giving it to them.”

The latest record, Thirsty Ghost shines a light on her creative talents and gives way to the most experimentation Sara has done in year, on an album. You can grab it either signed (32 copies left), or on standard black vinyl limited to 200 pressings.

Signed Limited Edition vinyl Here ($30)

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Limited edition of 200, and limited to 50 signed vinyl. RELEASED AUGUST 23, 2019.

Receive a limited edition vinyl copy of Thirsty Ghost, as well as a digital download of the new album (plus bonus track!), and access to updates along the way.

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Price $25

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