In 2012, L A N D introduced me to the world of ‘jazz noir’. ¬†Even better, I was introduced to the ever-incredible Important Records, an essential realm for experimental ambient and electronic music. ¬†After three years, Daniel Lea is riding L A N D’s sophomore release alone, and with pioneering electronic composer Ben Frost¬†tinkering behind¬†the mixing booth, Anoxia¬†will inevitably sound like a brand new beast.

L A N D’s debut, Night Within, was the sound a city makes when the lights go out. ¬†Smoky, hazy alleyways of bellowing saxophones, slithering¬†synths and jazz improvisation filled the space with both tension and tranquility, but Anoxia‘s first two available tracks reveal a different kind of night. ¬†Similar to Ben Frost’s 2014 full-length A U R O R A, these new songs have industrial, dark ambient textures with heavy¬†punch rhythms, organic noise layers¬†and otherworldly soundscapes. ¬†I’ve never been inside an alien spacecraft (I think), but if I were to guess what it sounded like…this would be it. ¬†Originality is in abundance. ¬†Highly recommended!

Listen to Neutra¬†below and check out¬†Labyrinthitis¬†after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

LP + CD packaged in heavy duty combination letterpress/offset printed jackets. LP pressed in an edition of 500 with the first 100 on clear vinyl exclusive to Imprec mail order.

Price $20

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