RIYL: Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Standing on the Corner

Label: Matador (US) / XL Recordings (UK)

Southeast London crooner/songwriter Archy Marshall, prince of the ooze, has readied his third full-length and highly-anticipated follow-up to his acclaimed 2017 LP The Ooz, a stark and atmospheric plunge into post-punk, jazz and swampy blues. Still remarkably young for his accomplishments so far, Archy’s King Krule project feels fully-realized, yet easily malleable. His vocal croon has no imitator, and can fit any number of moods, from eery to melancholy to vexed and possessed.

Man Alive!‘s first single (Don’t Let the Dragon) Draag On saunters along like a strung-out heroin junkie in the back alley of a smoky jazz club. Almost formless at its core, the light tick of a snare barely keeps the song on the tracks. This dreamlike surrealism is where King Krule is most lethal and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Matador has a white vinyl variant with a flexi that you can grab after the ‘buy’ link. UK buyers can grab this same variant from XL Recordings HERE. There’s also a red vinyl ‘indie exclusive’ variant you can grab from various online distros like THIS one. I’d imagine that version will hit record stores around around it’s release date. If new variants pop up, feel free to post them up in the comments.

The Details

Like any great artist on the rise, Archy Marshall's life is moving fast. There's a lot to catch up on, after 2017's sprawling masterpiece, The OOZ, broke through amid Mercury Prize nominations and mind-blowing media plaudits. Unlike that record, Man Alive! doesn't aim to present any kind of narrative thread, or Brexit-era state- of-the-nation address, just a collection of snapshots and stories, artfully sequenced into a dazzlingly coherent whole.

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