RIYL: Yussef Kamaal

Label: Black Focus

Insta alert.  Kamaal Williams of the famed Yussef Kamaal jazz duo has thrown up his next solo project The Return for preorder.  I flippin’ TOLD you about the last album.  Did you get it?  Hope so, ’cause that album can’t be found for less than $200 now.  The Return has followed suit and sold out damn near everywhere within hours.  Your boy Dave found some more copies of the white wax at Rough Trade UK, so I’d get on that pronto before they’re toast.  Fans of Bob James, Thelonius, smooth Rhodes organ tones and cool jazz need to get this album in their lives.

The Bleep Store has been going in and out of stock, so if Rough Trade sells out today (which they will), keep trying back at Bleep HERE.  These are shipping from the UK, so your final price will reflect that.

The Details

Limited Edition
180g White Vinyl
Download card
Estimated Shipping: 05.24.18

Price $21.49

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