RIYL: Jazz, Funk & Noise

Label: Self-Released

Limited Edition of 300 Haze Vinyl LPs

Fun Country is comprised of David Lantzman & Carl Harders and they’ve just self-pressed their first vinyl release on an earthy haze pattern!

Fun Country is an expanded-field soul/funk operation from the sun-soaked City of Angels. Their tunes strut through Parliament passages, spot a sexy silky something, and spin, twirl and flip from their libidinal seesaw into gonzo feedback freak-outs or flights of backup-singer-laden fantasy that would have even The Dude dilated, bathrobe and all. Impressively laid back, you know, given the state of things, their surreal divergences add a dimensionality that raises the stakes – continually taking it there, then cruising somewhere else altogether. It all goes down very easy- Dave likes Sublime, Carl likes Mingus and everyone like BBQ. The sax’s whine and warble, the bass brings up the rear, and the whole shebang emanates from a beater Miata, it’s mismatched paint jobs inching inexorably into a smooth, syrupy horizon.


The Details

Laquer Cut by Richard Houghten

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Price $20

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