RIYL: Dave Brubeck, Bill Evans, Modern Jazz Quartet

Label: Jazz In Britain

A few years back, after decades of unsuccessful attempts, Jazzman Records reissued the complete Lansdowne recording sessions between 1965-1969 from the Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet, essentially some of those most coveted jazz records from the modal post-bop era ever laid to wax. We wrote about the reissue box set and it sold out lightning quick, so if you’re even slightly interested, I’d bend an ear.

What we have here are previously unreleased tracks recorded live in London in 1964. Tracks 1-4 and 6 and 8 are from the Neil Ardley tape archive and tracks 5 and 7 are from the Dave Green archive. While you’d think the sound quality might not be up to snuff with a live recording from the mid 60s, the available tunes prove otherwise, bursting with color and vibrancy with every piano pop or upright thump. Ian Carr’s trumpet work is some of the most criminally underrated that I’ve ever laid ears on and Don Rendell’s saxophone always gives me chills. Take a listen below!

Jazz in Britain are non-profit curators of jazz within music and print and have released a beautiful package here strictly limited to 500 copies. While I can’t predict how collectors will react to these sessions, I can certainly tell you that these will probably sell out quicker than you think. Feel free to take my completely unprofessional and usually wrong opinion at an arm’s length.

The Details

Beautifully packaged 180g vinyl. Flip-back sleeve. Strictly limited pressing run of 500 copies worldwide. Includes colour insert reproduction of original 1965 Shades Of Blue press release and extensive liner notes by Simon Spillett. Fully authorised.

Includes digital pre-order of Blue Beginnings. You get 2 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
Item ships out on or around April 10, 2021
Edition of 500

Price $32.45

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