RIYL: Vulfpeck, The Fearless Flyers

Label: Vulf Records

Cory Wong, from Vulfpeck and The Fearless Flyers returns with another project, noted as “Music from Season 1 of Cory and The Wongnotes. A show created by Cory Wong, for people who like music and whatnot.” I’m not sure if it’s a real show, which is suppose to air on YouTube Jan. 14, but I do know that they are pressing an album! From what I’ve heard and read, this is that the album is going to be funky, fun and all sorts of corny hypotheticals produced by amazing musicians and amazing guest appearances. This release is a Qrates, so you will be charged when there are enough pledgers, and with 44 days and halfway fulfilled, it’ll probably get pressed.

The Details

Remaining time: 44 days left with 827/1500 backers (as of 1/13/2021)
12” Black vinyl (33 rpm)
~$ 9.99 Shipping to United States

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Price $30

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