Prepare yourself to dance – BRUUT!‘s third full length album Mad Pack is a jolt of superjazz to the veins!

Something went terribly wrong a few seconds before BRUUT! had even played their first note in front of a live audience. They were introduced in a way that made the musicians realize that their expectations were very different from that of the host and public. Even though all the band’s members are all highly skilled and trained musicians capable of recreating any atmosphere, they were being expected to produce only one.

A collective chill went down their spines as they heard ‘Okay ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for this…. jazz band!’ Yes, ‘jazz’ is not a word the knowledgeable like to use… And so when the band walked on stage they were confronted with hundreds of shiny faces hungry for loudness, sweat and never ending grooves. The party organizers had made a fatal mistake…

Under the influence of an overly high podium, overly large amplifiers and an overly sweaty audience, this evening produced a single mission. Within seconds the musical direction of the band was set. A misunderstanding – and BRUUT! – was born.

– Limited to 500 copies
White Vinyl LP

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“BRUUT! is a sassy jazz group that disregards the formalities and manners of the world of jazz. That is clear from every note on their debut album. In the compact songs you can hear juicy boogaloo and fleshy rhythm & blues. BRUUT! squeezes it into funky, greasy jazz.”

The Details

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Free download included
First pressing of 500 numbered copies on white vinyl

Price $23

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