Blemishes are a three piece trio who come from a larger collective called Impakt, which is based out of Cologne, Germany. One of the tags used for this album is “free jazz.” Whenever I see something labeled as “free jazz,” I can never be sure of what capacity the jazz will manifest itself as. Will it be sparse like the heartbeat of a grizzly bear in hibernation for the winter, where a few moments of rapacious heartbeats might put you on edge, or frenetic like a monkey flinging its own feces around after hitting the slopes, which puts you on edge the whole time.

Libido is something everyone has a different relationship with, some being more attached to it than others and vice versa. Free jazz really lends itself to interpretation, as there’s little rhyme or reason to how it’s composed and of course, there’s the lack of lyrics to impose a message on you – this leaves you to create your own relationship with the work. Libido has something to offer from both extremes of the tempo spectrum. Check out Libido below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Blemishes are Thomas Lumley (tenor saxophone) Nicola Hein (guitar), Constantin Herzog (bass) and Niklas Wandt (percussions).
released 01 February 2014
Recorded on February 25, 2013 at the Loft, Cologne, Germany. Engineered by Stefan Deistler, mixed and mastered by Pascal Gehrke. Produced for True German Hateful And Misanthropic Free Improv. Artwork: Julia Schwarz. Executive Production by Dennis Dycks and Felix Möser.

Blemishes are part of the Cologne improvisers’ collective Impakt.

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