If there was ever a project worth supporting right now – THIS IS IT!!

The experimentation, the innovation, the beautiful music that prevails… man, the beautiful everything surrounding this ongoing project is something to truly admire!!

If it says anything, this project had a goal of $10,000 to raise in funding. They have already doubled that and are sitting just shy of $21,000 with 33 days to go… ya, these guys are gathering a solid following! …and rightfully so!!

Take a moment out of your day and see what a homegrown, hard-working project is like in the modern day USA!!

Here’s the scoop on the vinyl:

You’ve got two options:

  ‘Scratched’ Vinyl of LP 1
“I’ve developed a method for scratching rhythms into the circular groove at the center of vinyl records. This kit includes a unique hand scratched vinyl LP of our first record, with a hand screenprinted cover including templates for making your own scratched rhythms on other records in your collection. The music portion of the LP is unneffected, of course. Includes five templates for common time signatures.”

Special Edition of LP 2
“Special colored vinyl limited edition of LP 2, with hand silkscreened cover, plus download code. This will be designed and printed when the album is finished. Don’t miss out on this… the beautiful orange splatter / Zebra Butt edition of our first record sold out fast.”

To give you an idea, this is what the first, now sold out, record looked like!!


The Details


I'm Nick Zammuto. I've been making records and touring for more than ten years, first as part of the duo 'the Books' and more recently as 'Zammuto', my new four piece band. We are in the midst of making our second album as Zammuto. With your help we'll be able to finish it quickly. Everything is in place here in the studio... we just need the time to focus our efforts 100%.

A little background: I live in the mountains of Southern Vermont with my wife, Molly, and our three sons. We bought our property in 2006 during 'the Books - Lost and Safe' tour. It's 16 acres near the top of a ridge in the Green Mountain National Forest, and amazingly, our mortgage payment is less than we used to pay for studio apartment rent in Brooklyn! Starting with a small cabin we've built our own house as our family has grown, obeying a strict 'no contractor' rule. We try to be as self sufficient as possible. Molly grows most of our food and we heat our house with wood from the land. We keep our overhead very low, so we can put our time and money into the things we love most: music, food and family. Music is our family business, and we count on you to keep us going. We can't thank you enough for the tremendous support you've given us so far.

All of the items available through this campaign were made right here at home, including all of the screen-printed posters, album covers and sound sculptures. Our amazing label, Temporary Residence, helps us produce the physical vinyl copies of the records, including the beautiful splatter/colored vinyl available as preorders here.

Here's how you can help:

Order a poster:
Zebra Posters

These are the Zebra Front and Back posters, each is 24" by 20", All posters come with a download code for the album. I'll design and print the Album Poster when the record is done.

Order a record:

I'll design the LP 2 sleeve when the record is done.

I'll reveal the design for the 'Scratched' edition of our first record with a video describing the scratching process. Please check back in a week or two.

Order a Sculpture: (videos coming soon)

These are pricier items, because they are complicated to build and are more in the realm of visual art than music. They are designed to sit quietly, hung on a wall, until you press play, when they come to life in unexpected ways.

Bass Projector: (here's the prototype)
bass projector

bass projector long Bass Projector being controlled by ipad synth, Sunrizer.

lasers projected

The number of patterns is infinite.

The Spoonbox:
spoonbox By Popular demand, i'm bringing back this old favorite: You can watch the original Spoonbox Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlDUmmCtQEU

Most importantly: Please help spread the word. Tell your friends about us. With your collective support we can keep this crazy thing going...

Deep Thanks,

Nick and Family

Price $30

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