RIYL: The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, David Bazan

Label: Saddle Creek

Remember when young Jesus got lost from Mary and she was like totally freaking out and then found him hanging at the temple teaching the old dudes how life works? That was cool. I wish that some young Jesus would come tell me how life works.

Oh wait, where am i? Right talking about music.

Hey seriously guys, you remember back in like early 2000s when bands started to say.. seriously no more tricks. Lets just string up these guitars and play some straight forward music. This is that. And hearing it feels sooo good. It really does sound like this album could have come out of 2003 – in the best way possible. Give it a listen, but if you like it you’re going to need to buy it right away ’cause 150 copies are gonna be gone before you blink.

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Vinyl pressed at GZ
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Young Jesus, an indie rock quartet from Los Angeles, looks to communicate the tensions between proximity and distance, chaos and order. On their upcoming record S/T , to be released by Saddle Creek, the band focuses on seemingly small moments in everyday life: phone calls with Mom, landscapes along the highway, crows in a tree. Yet with time these strange intimacies add up to a life. A life full of anxiety, confusion, sadness, joy, boredom, and ultimately wonder.

Young Jesus mixes the emotional intensity of bands like Slint, Pile, and Neutral Milk Hotel with the quiet contemplation of Stars of the Lid, Yo La Tengo, and Laughing Stock -era Talk Talk. They give themselves to moments of aggression and volume, balanced alongside near-silence.

Influenced by the writings of Donna Haraway, Timothy Morton, Wang An-Shih, Wang Wei, Joy Williams, and Marilynne Robinson, singer/songwriter John Rossiter hopes for a making-do with what we have, a sometimes wide-eyed learning process. Life may be too massive to grasp, but that does not mean we should shy away from it. Rather, Young Jesus tries to look toward the complexity and imperfection. "As ever, the questions Rossiter and co. raise are too big to expect any sort of clear answer, but Young Jesus offer a model of coping, a way to remain hopeful and human within their jaws" (Various Small Flames).

Rossiter states, "the ethos is to push each other to express things that are not common-- like ideas of love and trust within friendships-- through being extremely vulnerable and making mistakes. Hopefully those mistakes become framed as an important and necessary part of process. It's about communication between four people. Hopefully it is the sound of four very good friends who want to let other people into that space." These may be small things, but observed with thought and care they come to make the world of Young Jesus.

Digital Release Date: November 14th, 2017
Physical Release Date: February 23rd, 2018


1. Green
2. River
3. Eddy
4. Under
5. Desert
6. Feeling
7. Storm

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