Uzi & Ari‘s own Ben Shepard has spent the last several years reinventing himself and creating a brand new sound and vibe. Now, under the new moniker YEYEY (pronounced YEE YEE), Shepard has turned to his fans via Kickstarter to help fund the vinyl pressing and a host of other cool things! Limited to 500 copies.


The Details

"My name is Ben Shepard, and I've been making and recording music for nearly 20 years, most notably in my personal recording project, Uzi & Ari, as well as frequent collaborations with my friends in Arms and Sleepers. I've spent the last several years working on a new record, developing a new sound, new vocalization, and found it appropriate to wipe the slate clean and come up with a moniker that more aptly represents me as an artist. In the every increasingly difficult struggle to encounter a unique, one word moniker to describe myself, I came up with the name YEYEY (pronounced YEE YEE), more for the geometry of the letters themselves than any etymological reason...

If we can raise the meager sum of $5,000 dollars we'll press the album on audiophile quality 180 gram vinyl and CD (with bonus tracks!) and any leftover money will go to ship the rewards, pay Kickstarter and Amazon fees and lastly, (if possible) alleviate some of the costs for the music video shoot for the upcoming single 'Set The Dogs,' which will be an event unto itself! (details to follow!)

Any money raised beyond the 5,000 dollar goal will be donated to an LGBT support group called OUTreach Resource Centers ( which is dedicated to helping and providing resources to homeless and rejected LGBT youth in Utah (there is an epidemic of gay and transgender youth suicides in Utah that desperately needs to be addressed). "

Price $20

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