I’m really excited by the couple of singles that have come out thus far from the new Wild Nothing. To me it sounds like a much more complete vision of the idea he began on the Empty Estate release. That release felt like so much of a departure that, for me, it felt a little unfinished.

As described by Tatum “I just kept things really simple, writing as ideas came to me,” he says. “There’s definitely a different kind of ‘self’ in the picture this time around. There’s no real love lost, it’s much more a record of coming to terms and defining what it is that you have—your place, your relationships. I view every record as an opportunity to write better songs. At the end of the day it still sounds like me, just new.”

Obviously if you want this special edition, you’re going to need to get after it, as it’ll be gone in no time.

The Details

"The Special Edition LP is limited and it's packaging and vinyl color will be unveiled at a later date. :) (We promise it's cool.)"

Price $25

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