Why? has one of those unique sounds that’s a little hard to define or categorize, which I guess is true of most interesting music. I’ll label them as eclectic and let you decide; Joyful Noise describes their music as “pop-inflected psychedelic folk-hop”. I’m curious to hear what this “theme song” concept is all about. Check out the details below for a more in-depth description of this limited release.

The Details

Limited Edition Gold Vinyl In Gold Foil Spot Jacket
Hand-Numbered Out Of 700

Describing an act called Apogee that he performed in before forming WHY?, Yoni Wolf says,"I always liked to inflict a moment in the spotlight on members of the audience--not voluntary or involuntary, but just regardless of the individual's preference--to frame them in this temporary bubble of fame." Words to that effect.

This thematic inclination towards breaking the fourth wall and incorporating the audience into the performance manifested in a novel format: WHY started writing theme songs for their fans. These songs were called Golden Tickets and together they make up the Golden Tickets EP.

The concept, Yoni explained, was that, "We would write a theme song for one customer who came to the [WHY?] web store and bought something every month. Like Mighty Mouse. It would be a song about that person. We'd read all about them on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes even go so far as to contact their significant other to ask them questions. Then I would write the song on piano, and my brother would take the skeleton of lyrics & piano and turn it into a fully realized arrangement."

They did a Golden Ticket song to raise money for victims of the Tsunami in Japan. They did a Golden Ticket contest to benefit victims of tornado devastation in the South. They sold Golden Tickets on eBay. They did an iconography contest, and gave a Golden Ticket to the winner. They did a video contest and awarded a Golden Ticket to a man who didn't even attempt to do anything sensible or interesting in any way, but merely submitted footage of his shirtless & dreaded self mouthing a wordless monologue into the silence stipulated in the rules of the contest.

All the Golden Ticket songs are now collected here, in the Golden Tickets EP.

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