It takes a cocksure¬†group of bad asses like White Reaper to title their debut full-length White Reaper Does It Again. ¬†The garage rockin’ Louisville sluggers recently¬†dished out an EP on Polyvinyl Records, and the success of that 6-tracker in 2014 has quickly paved the way to this new endeavor, a coalescence of ’77 punk ethos, bubble gum¬†glam¬†and beach blanket bingo.

Lead single Make Me Wanna Die (perfect love song title, by the way) is The Cars on maximum¬†overdrive, if¬†Ric Ocasek was given¬†a¬†habanero suppository¬†and Greg Hawkes¬†was forced to snort a Scarface supply of¬†gunpowder. ¬†It’s pop music with a razor sharp edge, and it’ll shave the peach fuzz right off your satiated¬†eardrums. ¬†Take heed all ye fans of Best Coast, Wavves, pop rockers and sugar punks…White Reaper is a-comin’ for your hearts, and they take no prisoners.

The Details

180-Gram Clear with Black Splatter
Limited to 500.
Includes 18" x 24" poster.

Thanks to Hameron Cilliard for the tip!

Price $18

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