It takes a cocksure group of bad asses like White Reaper to title their debut full-length White Reaper Does It Again.  The garage rockin’ Louisville sluggers recently dished out an EP on Polyvinyl Records, and the success of that 6-tracker in 2014 has quickly paved the way to this new endeavor, a coalescence of ’77 punk ethos, bubble gum glam and beach blanket bingo.

Lead single Make Me Wanna Die (perfect love song title, by the way) is The Cars on maximum overdrive, if Ric Ocasek was given a habanero suppository and Greg Hawkes was forced to snort a Scarface supply of gunpowder.  It’s pop music with a razor sharp edge, and it’ll shave the peach fuzz right off your satiated eardrums.  Take heed all ye fans of Best Coast, Wavves, pop rockers and sugar punks…White Reaper is a-comin’ for your hearts, and they take no prisoners.

The Details

180-Gram Clear with Black Splatter
Limited to 500.
Includes 18" x 24" poster.

Thanks to Hameron Cilliard for the tip!

Price $18

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