The huggable, lovable Nathan Williams and his merry band of baked bong-hitters are firing up another full-length.  If you’ve been living in a cave in the badlands of Nevada’s desert country and somehow haven’t heard the brothers Wavves, they throw 9os-nodding power pop onto the grill and mix in some angsty punk ethos and a pinch of bored-on-the-beach vibes.  The results are unavoidably fun, summery jams you can dance to, drug to, skate to, fight to and, of course, makes babies to.  Angsty babies.

First single Way Too Much sounds like a modern take on The Vapors’ ode to solo bedroom athletics Turning Japanese, and churns out Weezery, Ramonesy riffage from beginning to end.  Play it below.  Play it twice, even.

First 500 preorders get the colored wax.  Don’t wait, you dum dum.

The Details

First 500 orders receive limited color vinyl.

**Ships on or around 10/2/15**

Price $16.99

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