Stumbled onto this one, and it’s pretty great. Sunny, lo-fi garage pop rock that blends fuzzed out guitar hooks with truly catchy vocals and tight, concise songwriting. Stream the album and try to resist clicking the buy button.

Milky Clear with Grape Splatter limited to 500 copies.

Note: There was a /69 Pentacolor LP that unfortunately sold out in 10 minutes.

The Details

Matthew Melton has done it again! Just when it seemed as though he'd reached the pinnacle of power-pop confection with last year's excellent "Someone For You", he's topped himself and even our expectations with his latest masterpiece "Young Reckless Hearts". The unlikely addition of cello only serves to bitter-sweeten his teenage pop fantasias, the hooks are deviously barbed to lodge themselves into your memory, and the production (done himself at his Fuzz City Studios in Oakland) is dimensional, technicolor, and wide-screen. This is the record to fall into and possibly out of love to in 2014.

5 color Pentacolor vinyl limited to 69 copies (SOLD OUT), Milky Clear with Grape Splatter limited to 500 copies.

Price $17

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