RIYL: Ariel Pink, Pure X, Chris Bell

Label: Melters

San Fran lofi punk 4-piece Violent Change is catapulting album number three off of a bridge and their scopes are aimed directly at your skulls.  Aptly titled VC3, the group explores beyond the tape hiss, feedback and muddy aesthetics that a lot of their peers fall into.  This album moves further away from their punkier genesis and glides closer to hazy dream pop.  Similar to Ariel Pink and Austin’s Pure X, there are intelligently-designed songwriting sensibilities immersed in the bedroom production here.

Melters has 300 of these full-lengths on black wax for you after the ‘buy’ link.  They’ve appropriately compared Violent Change to the criminally overlooked album I Am the Cosmos by Big Star’s Chris Bell.  Super excited to hear the full thing and judge for myself!  Also, in case the label sells out before you get a copy, there are copies on their Bandcamp page HERE.

The Details

This is Violent Change’s real pop moment, an album of lonesome romanticism on par with Shoes’ 'One In Versailles' and Chris Bell’s 'I Am The Cosmos.' I kid you not, this record is that good. A co-release of Melters and It Take Two. Orders begin shipping on September 16th.

Price $14

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