Kurt Cobain was my first music history professor.  Before we could discover, digest and throw away music within the span of 2 minutes, I found new tunes through my friends and my favorite bands.  Nirvana covered countless groups, turning me onto Galaxie 500, The Raincoats, The Saints, Daniel Johnston and a little Scottish duo called The Vaselines.  Instantly recognizable and impossibly lovable, The Vaselines (now 5 members strong) are still effortlessly cool nearly 3 decades later.

This new album sees The Vaselines getting by and high with a little help from their friends.  Stevie Jackson from Belle and Sebastian, Frank MacDonald from Teenage Fanclub and countless other Scots have contributed, so if you’re looking for that tried-and-true classic alt rock sound, this one should go down nice and smooth.

Stream it for a limited time HERE.  Statesiders will be paying a bit more for shipping as this one is coming to ya from across the pond.


The Details

Signed Limited Red Vinyl & Bonus CD with additional tracks.

1. High Tide Low Tide
2. The Lonely L.P.
3. Inky Lies
4. Crazy Lady
5. Single Spies
6. One Lost Year
7. Earth Is Speeding
8. False Heaven
9. Number One Crush
10. Last Half hour

Price $26

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