Kishi Bashi! Deerhoof! of Montreal! Half of Foxygen! Telekinesis!

This summer I got married and Kishi Bashi’s “Q&A” was a big song for us that weekend. Also Kishi Bashi is amazing. I’d sign up for every subscription series if it included Kishi Bashi(sort of like last year and Mikel Cronin).

Well if you have been reading me on Sly Vinyl for a while now then you know how I feel about subscription series. I love them. Not only do you get a hip new record to spin each month, but you also receive mail every month! At this point in my life my mail basically consists of junk mail and the occasional record. Records are much more exciting to receive in the mail than coupons for a national pizza joint.

While this polyvinyl subscription is low on women musicians and high on white dudes, I still think it’s going to be worth your hard earned vinyl money.
Polyvinyl regularly puts out a solid product with great attention to detail. The current 2014 subscription all comes pressed on clear vinyl with a download code. It also included a box to house them in and all of the sleeves actually make one large art piece, which is pretty cool.

The polyvinyl series is also all recorded on the same 4-track. One artist/band records on it then they mail the 4-track off to the next artist/band. It’s a pretty cool gimmick I think.

This is the early bird listing which is $110. Once the early bird sells out the price will increase to $120, so if you want it act now and save $10!

The Details

Included in the 2015 series are the following artists:

Blikk Fang (MGMT, of Montreal)
Crooked Fingers
David Bazaan
The Dodos
Ducktails (Real Estate)
Jacco Gardner
Jonathan Rado (Foxygen)
Kishi Bashi
of Montreal
Saint Pepsi

The 2014 series sold out before we even mailed out the first 7". Early Bird subscriptions are available now for a special low price of just $110 (including free first class US shipping). This special price is only available for a limited time.

Like the 2014 series, you'll get an exclusive new 2-song 7" each month from January to December -- all recorded on the same four-track tape machine. Plus, you'll get a custom designed box to hold your 7"s and a special poster -- all designed by critically acclaimed artist Jesse LeDoux (

Are you as excited as us? Head here to subscribe now!

Price $110

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