Vacations is the solo project stemming off of another North Texas band called Fungi Girls. Jacob Bruce makes surf rock and with a deeper voice he makes a deeper impression than other surf rock compatriots. On the title track “Purple Slumber” Bruce’s low-tenor/high-baritone drones out over the lively jangly guitars with a slightly reverbed patch put over it. On the B-Side “Longing Dream” Bruce indulges more in the surf/beach rock ethos with his voice clearly cut over the guitar riffs. Along with this 7″ being incredibly cheap, this is actually the first release by Play Pinball! Records (who released Parquet Courts’ American Specialties. Stream the EP below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details


“Purple Slumber” b/w “Longing Dream”

Dream pop pouring out of rural north Texas.

Bringing it back home, VACATIONS is the solo project of our boy Jacob Bruce of FUNGI GIRLS--the first band to boast the Play Pinball! Name. The artwork is also done by C.M. Ruiz who did that first release.

Limited pressing of 300 copies (200 black, 100 glow in the dark)

Songs Recorded and Mixed @ Dreamy Soundz in Ft. Worth, TX
Vinyl Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Price $4

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