RIYL: Hey Marseilles, Horse Feathers, Ages and Ages

Label: Roll Call Records

Typhoon is back with their LP Offerings. There are currently two variants. A blood red 2xLP which looks to be gone soon (19 left on the webstore) and the other is an indie exclusive gold edition limited to 1400 copies verified through Rough Trade as a 2xLP. This record sounds monumental, so get your hands on it before it slips away. Enjoy!

Indie Store Exclusive Gold Vinyl or Here

Limited to 1400 2xLPs

It’s a record from the perspective of a mind losing its memory at precisely the same time the world is willfully forgetting its history.

The urgent question becomes: without casualty, without structures of meaning, without essential features of rational thought, is there anything that can save us from violence / oblivion?

With no past and no future, there is only suffocating, annihilating present, looping on and on ad infinitum (to me, one plausible definition of hell) and the best you can hope for is that somewhere in the void there exists some small, irreducible certainty—a fragment, a kernel, something—that you may have the good future to stumble upon before it’s all over.

You know, a boy/girl-meets-girl/boy-everyone-dies-in-botched-attempt-at-neo-pagan-sacrificial-ritual-on-global-scale kind of thing.

The Details

- Double Red Vinyl LP
Includes digital pre-order of Offerings. Digital album releases January 12, 2018
Item ships out on or around January 11, 2018
edition of 1000 (19 remaining)

- Double Gold Vinyl LP - indie exclusive, limited to 1400 Copies per Bull Moose
UPC: 616892549840
Release Date: 1/12/2018

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Price $25

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