English indie rock group Is Tropical have¬†been filling dance floors with their spellbinding rocktronical grooves since 2009, and they’ve jumped head first into the vinyl game with their newest full-length Black Anything. ¬†Fans of the ever-provocative YACHT as well as¬†DFA’s various rock-dance hybrids, take heed…

The concept behind the bundle of five 10”s is super creative. ¬†Legend has it that the album was recorded on all 5 continents, and each 10” has a piece of the globe silkscreened on it. ¬†When stacked on top of each other, voila…you get the entire globe. ¬†This is art, people. ¬†Can you DIG it??


Watch the trippy album trailer below:


And check out a track:

The Details



10" - 45 RPM Vinyl With The First Two Songs From The Album, "Crawl" & "On My Way"
10" X 10" Poster And Download Card Containing Mp3 Of Each Track
*Bundle Pre-Order Includes All Five 10" Vinyls - Each Installment Shipped Individually

PT.1 Expected Ship Date 1/28/15, Future Installment Ship Dates TBA

Please Note Shipping Prices Include Shipping & Handling Costs Per Each Release.

Thanks to Menace Dennis for the tip!

Price $50

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