Within the first 5 seconds of Confidence, you’re in a time capsule.  You could tell me that this is a criminally underrated post-punk gem from 1978 and I wouldn’t argue.  You could tell me that this was a collection of b-sides from The Raincoats and I would believe you word for word.  I’d even believe that this was a K Records release from the mid 80s.  I’d have a much harder time believing this was an album written in 2014, yet here we are and here it is.  11 NEW tracks of ramshackle DIY punk from London trio Trash Kit.


Upset the Rhythm (home to John Maus, Future Islands, Deerhoof and many more) is offering you limited purple wax, and you can stream the album for a limited time HERE via Pitchfork Advance.

The Details

‘Confidence’ is a robust album with several themes at its heart that keep reappearing. Lyrically the tracks deal with identity, miscommunication, the passing of time and listening closer. Trash Kit are unmatched at making the personal poetic and vice versa, they never become overwrought, they just keep things honest and follow their natural course. Overall a feeling that you must run with the moment and trust in yourself emerges, echoed brilliantly through the instrumentation. There’s a restless energy that abounds, a momentum growing stronger, an alchemy at play between each member of Trash Kit and between each song on ‘Confidence’. It’s this reason why we should listen closer, listen to the sum of the parts, listen to ourselves. One day we’ll find gold where once there was only hope.

‘Confidence’ is released on December 1st through Upset The Rhythm. The digipak CD is limited to 500 copies, whilst the LP will appear in first pressing on 180g purple vinyl.

Price $15.7

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