Alright, as my boss mentioned at the end of last year Joyful Noise took subscriptions for a monthly vinyl flexi service. These tracks appear to ONLY be on vinyl. I can’t find this track “Flores” available for listening anywhere online but if you already have a copy, maybe give us your take on what this song is in the comments below. The Sea and Cake are a criminally underrated and solid band, having been together for around twenty years, so I would imagine this track is quality just like the rest of their discography. While it is sold out on the Joyful Noise website, Insound apparently has some copies for not much more than Joyful’s price. If you missed out on subscribing to the Joyful Noise deal, or if you held out because you only wanted something from The Sea and Cake, now’s your chance to grab it! If you can find this track online, please let me know in the comments below. Cheers!

The Details

2013, Joyful Noise

VINYL FORMAT. The September installment of the Joyful Noise 2013 Flexi Disc Series a new exclusive track from The Sea And Cake! For the last 19 years, The Sea And Cake has established a reputation for producing some of the most forward-thinking and downright classy indie-rock around. Their blend of unapologetic pop is in a class all it’s own, and their long tenure at Thrill Jockey Records has produced some of the best albums we've ever heard. It’s our privilege and honor to have The Sea And Cake participate in our Flexi-Disc series with the brand-new song "Flores". Recorded in John McEntire's Soma Studio, the new exclusive track picks up where last year’s album "Runner" left off. That is to say, it’s fuckin' amazing. The Flexi-Disc is limited to just 1000 copies, and was only available as part of our 2013 Flexi-Disc Series.

Price $6.99

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