The Notwist made one of my favorite records of all time some years ago “Neon Golden“. Some days ago, Sub Pop Records made a little guessing game announcing them. Most people thought the unknown 15 second sample is from Radiohead. I think they were not completely wrong, when I listen to their new single”Close To The Glass”. I’m sure, that there will be some kind of “Loser” edition on Sup Pop for the US, but look at the beautiful European version here on City Slang on orange & blue wax.

The Details

All pre-orders ship as orange & blue color vinyl DLP, limited to 500 units worldwide (while supply lasts). Incl. download voucher

The Notwist have always been pioneering their own sound, walking a trail of songs across genres toward something definitively new and distinctly them. Yet the German born band are never running ‘from’ their previous creations rather ‘toward’ the next, and in doing so have crafted a series of personal yet impeccable records that warmly thread together the far corners of independent music. Simply speaking, the Notwist make this careful and banging, private yet pop, post-everything music, for the movie going on inside you.

1. Signals
2. Close To The Glass
3. Kong
4. Into Another Tune
5. Casino
6. From One Wrong Place To The Next
7. 7-Hour-Drive
8. The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe
9. Run Run Run
10. Steppin’ In
11. Lineri
12. They Follow Me

Price $24

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