You can feel free to sleep in on Record Store Day! Do I have the release for you!

Do you have the patience for listening to the same song on repeat, over and over again? According to this ancient Last FM profile I’ve listened to the same Neko Case song 20 times more than any other song in my collection:

That’s something that I used to do with CDs and digital releases. I could learn a song by listening to it on repeat, over and over again.

This is much more difficult to do on vinyl, well it’s not too difficult if you are spinning a 45 then you just have to start it over again, but I digress.

Finally, the National have found an answer to our question, “But what if I only want to listen to the song Sorrow on vinyl for the next 6 hours without getting up and walking to the turntable? What then?” Well wait no longer!

This is one crazy vinyl package from one crazy live performance. Even if you don’t want this thing click on the link to see all of the pictures. It’s clear vinyl, in clear sleeves, housed in a clear box with white screenprinted letters. It is quite stunning. But don’t take my word for it…

The Details

Tentatively shipping mid-late June, please note: this boxset DOES NOT include a digital download.

On May 5, 2013 The National collaborated with Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson on A Lot of Sorrow, a durational performance presented as part of MoMA PS1’s Sunday Sessions. Kjartansson, who often uses repetitive performance to explore collective experience and emotion, invited The National to play their three-minute, twenty-five second song “Sorrow” live on stage, repeatedly and continuously, for six hours. This incredible feat of endurance has become legendary, and the audio recording of the performance will be released as a limited edition 1,500 run vinyl boxed set by 4AD on June 22, 2015.

Featuring nine pieces of clear vinyl in clear sleeves held in a translucent, screen printed box, A Lot of Sorrow is now available for pre-order. All profits will be donated to Partners in Health, an organization dedicated to improve the health of impoverished people worldwide.

Price $149.99

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