RIYL: Reverie Sound Revue

Label: Paper Bag Records

Quebecois outfit The Luyas are back with their first new material in four years on Paper Bag Records in the form of a five song EP. The Luyas, in the grand scheme of things, could be classified as indie rock but there’s much fluctuation away from that archetype within their material, especially with Says YouSays You reminds me of the mid-00s, arguably one of indie rock’s primes in terms of quality of output and its popularity reaching a fever pitch. “Engineers,” the lead single, the intro track, and something the band says they improvised, echoes 00s indie rock of yore with its chirping, saccharine, electronics and slow build-up with some rather surrealist existential musing laid on top – “I’m a creator, and also don’t believe in God” being a lyric that jumps out at the moment. The lyrics have a creator in mind, but desire a secular conversation. Says You, being only five songs, doesn’t take too long to go through and it’s worth a listen. Listen to Says You below by clicking the link in the blue box and see what you think of it. You can also watch the “Says You” music video below via the YouTube link. Cheers!


The Details

Paper Bag Records is excited to announce that The Luyas are set to release their first new music in four years! Says You is out now!

Says You is The Luyas' first new recordings since their 2012 album, Animator. The lyrics are funny and smart, at times even touching. The music is playful, and diverse: ranging from cacophonous piles of synth, to woven patterns of interlacing melody. There are pads of horns mimicking some great, imagined organ, and layered rhythms egging each other along. Each of the EP’s five songs is a little world of its own characters, particular sense of humour, rules of physics, blue skies and acid rain. Like sitting down at a table with a friend, Says You bounces from the banal, to the absurd. It cuts a joke, it empties its wallet, it promises to get the tip next time, and when you smile, it smiles back.

It is easy to get lost in the Luyas’ musical world. Their retro-futurist songs are drenched in echo, and built from guitars, French horn, piles of keyboards, drums and percussion. The band’s brilliant debut album, Too Beautiful To Work was embraced by critics and was also included on the long list for the Polaris Music Prize in 2011. Their last album, Animator, is rife with accounts of hallucinations, the split seconds that define us, the repetition of days, and the strangeness of the certainty of death.

1. Engineers
2. Bucky's (2Hours) Late
3. Says You
4. God Is Pink
5. If It Exists

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