Johan Angergård is your ticket into the heart of Swedish pop music.  A founding member of both Acid House Kings and Club 8, Johan has stood humbly at the forefront of the country’s indie scene for well over a decade.  Combining a constitution of twee, folk and soul, The Legends are yet another clue into Angergård’s genius as a songwriter.

It’s Love is his 5th endeavor as The Legends.  Having just turned 40, the album deals with the turmoils of reaching middle age and all that encompasses the feeling of displacement.  On the album’s theme, Angergård stated, “I felt old and like I didn’t belong anywhere…some sort of no-man’s-land. Free floating.”  It’s a well-tread idea in pop’s grand canon, but The Legends’ spin on melancholy is refreshing, hopeful and warm.  Keep Him is a smooth pass towards r&b, giving Rhye a run for their money in the ‘sexy slow jam’ arena.  Something Left To Die For employs auto-tune to Angergård’s already sultry delivery, creating a buttery dance track as mesmerizing as it is shoe-tapping.

Fans of Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Convenience and The Radio Dept should grab this immediately.  200 copies on red.

The Details

200 lmtd edition red-colored vinyl available (domestic & international)


It’s Love, The Legends fifth album, details a recent chapter in the life of Johan Angergård that saw him wrestle with issues of loss, love and identity.

Price $16

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