Talk about a highly, highly underrated bunch of musicians. The Envy Corps has been producing some of the most profound music around while remaining, ultimately, under the radar. This is one of those bands that is stewing to explode…

I first stumbled across this band when seeing them pop up on the local show listings — after a single listen, I bought a ticket — I knew I had to see this live. (If you search about these guys you’re bound to come across the fact that their vocalist, Luke Pettipoole, has a very striking resemblance to the vocal force of a very well known, Thom Yorke). The live performance I attended, to this day, remains one of the strongest and most profound I’ve seen… and I have seen Radiohead!

Having nothing but an arsenal in their back catalog, It Culls You brings forth a tour de force of ingenuity and beauty. For so many bands out there who are pushing their music by grass roots methods, it’s a hard for me to not exclaim a personal and profound connection to this music. I never get too personal when it comes to posts… but a band such as this, well, let’s just say their music is speaking vicariously through me on this one!

If I haven’t spelled it out by now, THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!

Turns out this one is of a /500 pressing on double Clear vinyl — and personally owning it, I can assure you, this is beautifully packaged and well worth your hard earned cash!

The Details

It Culls You 2x Vinyl
2x 180g Vinyl. Vinyl ships within one week.
Price: $25.00

Price $25

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