Test Pressings are extremely rare and historical pieces of musical history. There are only 2 of these available out of a total 5 in existence.

Not long ago we had posted about this one. Considered to be one of the pivotal records of the band’s history, it saw multiple pressings and was lauded with immense acclaim. This is the album that set them off in a different direction from the post-hardcore days of The End of the Ring Wars and the heavily atmospheric, song-focused days of Mare Vitalis to produce an album that was much more post-rock in it’s experimentation than anything they’d ever committed to recording. The atmospheric elements aren’t completely gone as they help create movement, accompanied by ambient transitions, through the compilation. Part 2 is certainly the more instrumentally ‘post-rock’ of the two portions and personally it’s this experimental exploration that I find so beautiful about this release.

***FUNDRAISER*** Half of the proceeds from this release, and ALL releases purchased via Big School Records, will go to support the JASON MOLINA MEDICAL FUND. This is a great man we have lost.

Low Level Owl is a supernova and a full redefinition of the band, a sprawling two-disc monster that redirects their ambition from the emotional release of their earlier albums into the meticulous conceptions crafted through endless hours of studio time. -Pitchfork

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There were (5) test pressings of Low Level Owl on black vinyl. You can own one of them. This is bound to be one of the centerpieces of your collection!

Price $75

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