This is really really something (just saw this right away and directly ordered one copy). The Apartments with their first LP release after 16 years. It’s not really all new material, more a compilation of some of their finest moments, but new arranged  for a live session for Vincent Theval’s Label Pop program, a French public radio show that is broadcast & streamed to a devoted audience at 10.30 each Monday night

Originally from Australia, first formed in 1978 in Brisbane, split in 1979, and reformed several times since.

If you like The Go-Betweens this item has to be the right choice for you. The man behind the group is Peter Milton Walsh. While in The Apartments, Walsh briefly joined The Go-Betweens (which is by the way one of my favourite groups) as guitarist when they were offered an 8 album contract. During an interview at the time, Robert Forster and Grant Mc Lennan spoke about Walsh and the “variety of personalities and image” in the Go-Betweens. McLennan said “Walsh is night” and Forster “We are day” with McLennan adding “We’re sun, he’s rain.” Four years after Grant McLennan’s death, in a piece entitled “Who will remember your tunes?”,Walsh wrote about this period and his friendship with The Go-Betweens.

The deal with the record company felt, Walsh returned to The Apartments (years later Amanda Brown, formely playing for The Go-Betweens was joining The Apartments).

Later on Walsh was playing for a while together with Ed Kuepper (The Saints) in his band Laughing Clowns, touring through Europe and Australia. After that he returned to Australia and reformed The Apartments and in June 1985 Rough Trade records signed The Apartments on the basis of the demos recorded earlier in the year. Walsh then moved to London and released The Apartments’ first album, the evening visits…and stays for years in 1985. The Apartments were joined by guest musicians Clare Kenny (formerly of Orange Juice bass, vocals), Ben Watt of  Everything But the Girl and Graham Lee of The Triffids.

If you have the possbility to get a copy from that album, you will never regret this. A truly masterpiece.

The rest of the story is history and now a small french label called Talitres records (which also re-releasing in the near future the bombastic debut album from the russian group Motorama on vinyl for the very first time again!!!!)  released this 5 Track mini LP for the RSD 2013. 449 copies just pressed and not more than 20 copies (so they just told me) are still available. Hurry up!

Price without shipping isn’t much!

Listen to “Mr. Somewhere” (which is on the record), then you will know why i am so happy to found this vinyl.

The Details

449 copies for the RSD 2013 (Uk and France), 20 still available:

Side A :::: 1 Things you’ll keep – 2 Thank you for making me beg – 3 World of liars
Side B :::: 1 On every corner – 2 Mr somewhere – 3 Every day will be new – 4 All you wanted

With : Nick Allum (drums), Amanda Brown (violin, tambourin, singing), Wayne Connolly (guitar, singing), Samuel Léger (bass, singing), Gaël Riteau (trumpet), Fabien Tessier (piano, percussion, organ), Peter Milton Walsh (guitar, singing).

Story behind:
Last Winter The Apartments toured France, playing a series of (already mythical) shows in venues across France together with 49 Swimming Pools (Allonnes, Paris Les Bouffes du Nord, Nantes, Bordeaux & Clermont Ferrand), along with some acoustic sideshows in art galleries & stores.
For this tour, The Apartments had a seven piece band - with guitars, bass, drums, violin, tambourines and percussion, singers, piano, organ and trumpet. Amanda Brown formerly of The Go-Betweens was on violin and vocals and Nick Allum, who had played in the finest English incarnation of The Apartments, was on drums. Wayne Connolly from Australian band, Knievel, played guitar.
Early on in the tour, the band dropped into the studios of France Musique to record a beautiful live session for Vincent Theval’s Label Pop program, a French public radio show that is broadcast & streamed to a devoted audience at 10.30 each Monday night.
This live recording, “Seven Songs”, will now be released on Talitres (vinyl & digital) for Disquaire/Record Day 2013, April 20th.

Price $17

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