The name Thalia Zedek may not be a familiar name to you, but Zedek has been kicking around the indie/underground scene for some thirty odd years now. Six, going off of the preview Experimedia has provided, is decidedly anachronistic atmospherically. From the way Zedek’s vocals are captured, to the way the instrumentation is arranged, this mini album could have been passed off as something from the 90s and nobody would bat an eye. I may be going out on a limb here, but if Bob Dylan had a female counterpart, timbre wise, Thalia Zedek would be the perfect fit. Zedek’s vocals have a gravelly air about them, but they’re not Tom Waits-gravelly. Zedek’s delivery is smoky. As to the contents of Six, the songs are a mixture with alt-country and the gritty indie rock we music nerds think of when we think of the 90s. According to the distributor’s synopsis, numerous publications gave Zedek’s last album, Via, much praise and it was her first album in a five year gap. Check out Six below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

*Excerpts from the album. Now available at* SIX is a brand new 29 minute mini-album following Zedek's 2013 album Via that was praised by Pitchfork, Spin, PopMatters, Paste, American Songwriter, Magnet, and Under the Radar. Vinyl version includes free download coupon and is limited to only 300 units worldwide! CD version packaged in 4 panel mini-LP style gatefold package.

2013 was a notable year for Thalia Zedek. She released her first album in five years, Via, which PopMatters called a "rumbling, sweet, muscled set of tunes, as resilient as they are beautiful," which was followed by a tour across North America with Low. She also reunited with Come, the classic band she formed with Chris Brokaw in 1990, reissuing their classic debut Eleven:Eleven and playing their first shows in over a decade across the US and Europe. In October, following this intense flurry of activity, Thalia regrouped with her band in Boston to record an EP, harnessing the creative energy she had accumulated during her time on the road.

The resulting SIX opens with a full-band version of "Fell So Hard," a characteristically mournful dirge that exudes a tenacious, slow-moving intensity. From there, Zedek explores the complexities of interpersonal relationships, employing some of the most sparse arrangements of her career. The spareness of tracks like "Julie Said" and "Afloat" achieve incredible emotional heft, letting Thalia's lyrics, delivered in her unmistakable voice, take center stage. Alongside this new material is a cover of Freakwater's "Flat Hand," which was originally released on the Plum 7" box set in 2007.

SIX is being released in advance of Thalia's most extensive European tour in six years, and will be released in limited quantities on CD and 12" vinyl.

" Zedek specializes in thorny songs that unflinchingly address adult topics and full-grown problems, with the malleable backing of her guitar and band providing either momentary refuge or sympathetic cries of exasperation." - Pitchfork

" Hearing a new Thalia Zedek records gives me hope for music." - Dagger

" Those big open guitar cords only add to the song's emotional thrust. If listening to Via makes you feel good, chances are Zedek is feeling good. Powerful stuff." - Paste

"But Via, like so much of Zedek's work, fights the inclination to quit when the going gets tough. In less capable hands, a lyric like "the truth will set you free," from leadoff track "Walk Away," may sound shallow. Coming from Zedek, it's a call to arms." - American Songwriter

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