RIYL: heart-on-sleeve indie rawk

Label: Soul Step Records

Knoxville indie rock 3-piece Sweet Years hurled a split-finger melodic smörgåsbord of a full-length called Coat Guts back in February 2017, an 8-layer dip of sorts tugging every which way in the vast array of rock and roll subgenres.  Thaddius Dakota Smith, Zach Gilleran and Travis Bigwood, to the dismay of many a pigeonholer, just can’t be defined any which way.  When the vocals loft towards the upper registers, I hear a little Hamilton Leithauser, but the guitar styles drift through 90s alt rock, math rock, riff-heavy party jams, pop punk and the list goes on.

Soul Step Records grabbed two of the tracks off that album and stamped those mothers onto a 7-inch.  Fireproof bursts at the seams with angsty youthful exuberance and b-side Motor Mouth slows the tempo down a notch so no one sprains any ankles.  Grab one of the few leftover coke-bottle clear 7″s after the ‘buy’ link and check out the stellar one-take music video of Fireproof below.

The Details

Sweet Years - Fireproof / Motormouth 45

Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl - Limited to 100

Price $8

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