RIYL: Mew, Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie

Label: Spartan Records

From Spartan Records:
While the band set sail with its shimmering guitar-pop debut ‘The Honeymoon Stagecoach’ in 2013, their sophomore album, ‘Capsize’, steers a course into grittier territory. Capsize is a collection of songs which showcases a fresh artistic trajectory, and follows our collective struggle to accept the passage of time and identify the voices in our lives that are worth listening to. And it’s immediately evident as anthemic opener “Just To Be With You” channels the heart racing spirit of Muse, with a riff-heavy synth-forward energy that rips through the whole record. Each song is a unique statement, drawing fluidly from each member’s influences. This comes across clearly in the Mew-inspired “Tongues,” combining jangly telecaster riffs and dirty-as-hell basslines.

Remnants of early Jimmy Eat World shine through both on the album’s title track, “Capsize” and “Time’s Not Long,” while “I’m an Island” features lush textures and ethereal vocals akin to The Cure or Death Cab for Cutie. The longing for time to connect and create before our story is over flows through us all. Capsize invites us to embrace that reality, and discover our own ways to stay afloat.

This one is super limited, so if you’re diggin the tunes, I’d hop on of those two variants.  The red wax is limited to 100 and the multi-colored splatter vinyl is limited to 150.  Check out the music video for Hope You Like Getting Old below and grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link.


The Details

First pressing limited to 250 copies:
• "Young" (Milky Clear with Red, Yellow and Blue Splatter) (150)
• "Old" (Opaque Red) (100)

Full color jacket printed on reverseboard stock with a uncoated printed insert.
All orders include an instant download of the song "Hope You Like Getting Old" and a high-quality download of Capsize on September 21st.

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Price $19.99

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