RIYL: N-D Rawk

Label: Matador

If you need the face for indie rock in the internet age, my vote goes to Spoon.  Before ‘indie’ was a household name, these fellas were the salmon swimming upstream.  At the height of boybandom, Spoon wrote A Series of Sneaks, a prototype for the explosion of “The Bands” that would infiltrate the airwaves a few years down the line.  Listen to The Minor Tough or 30 Gallon Tank and tell me you don’t hear a bit of The Strokes in there.  Spoon have consistently danced to the beat of their own drum, written classic album after classic album and are still relevant 20 years into their career.

Hot Thoughts, their 9th (I think?) full-length, was sprung on the media out of the blue, but I’m not complaining.  And get this.  There are TWO green vinyl copies of the album out there somewhere.  One copy will be in the US Matador store, the other in the UK store.  The lucky bastards who score those will get to attend a concert of their choosing from their upcoming tour.  This is so f-ing instabuy, it makes me sick.  Grab it now, you candy ass.

The Details

LP includes MP3 download coupon. Limited edition purple vinyl, exclusive to Matador and Spoon web store orders only. IF YOU ORDER THE PURPLE, YOU MAY GET THE GREEN. If you receive the Golden Ticket Green Vinyl version (one copy in the Matador US webstore, one copy in the Matador UK webstore), you win tickets to the Spoon show of your choosing.*

ONLY TWO GREEN VINYL COPIES IN THE WORLD. European customers please buy from Matador UK.

Price $17.24

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