RIYL: Indie Rock Classics

Label: Merge Records / Newbury Comics

Statistically, it’s a luxury for even the greatest artists and bands in rock and roll history to remain relevant¬†for more than a decade.¬† Trends change, musical styles evolve (or devolve) and even the fans move onto new pastures.¬† Spoon was already 11 years old¬†while they recorded Gimme Fiction in¬†2004, their¬†most anticipated album to date after the critical success of Kill the Moonlight.¬† At this point in the story, according to the bloodied¬†roads paved by their forefathers,¬†Britt and the boys should have changed their style up enough to alienate a large portion of their fanbase,¬†piss off the critics, get dropped from their label and wind up contestants on Dancing with the Stars, but here we are…13 years later and still celebrating this instaclassic.

Newbury Comics has 500 copies of the album on red vinyl after the ‘buy’ link.¬† The record was reissued in 2015 to commemorate its 10-year anniversary, but this one hasn’t had a truly limited vinyl release until now.¬† I’d jump on it!


The Details

A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing.
Limited edition of 500.
Album includes a digital download.
Release Date: 09/07/2018

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Price $24.99

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