In 2014, the rumor mill was buzzing that Wavves would have a new album out in January of 2015. ¬†That has passed, but fret not…for there is Spirit Club. ¬†Fronted by Nathan Williams, the sound is still sun-scorched California, but they’ve switched their cannabis intake from sativa to indica. ¬†It’s heavy, it’s mellow, and a high school kid down the street just told me he thinks it’s “pretty sick.”

First single Duster¬†begins with¬†the tried and true “Be My Baby” drum beat from The Ronettes, but it’s tripping heavily on some strong sedatives. ¬†“Waste away with me,” croons Williams. ¬†It’s a slow jam for the Wake and Bakers. ¬†Check out the video below, and pick up some blue vinyl for a cool $18. ¬†The black vinyl, pictured above, is only $15. ¬†Choose your poison and then relax, turn off your mind, and float downstream.

The Details

Matte Finish Jacket with Lyric Insert

Limited to 200
$18 opaque blue vinyl

Limited to 300
$15 standard black vinyl

Price $18

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