RIYL: Dark Americana | Folk | Cello

Label: Self-released

Limited Edition of 60 Cherry-Red Vinyl LP

Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train, the Spoon River, a journey to the underworld and a Shakespearean tragedy unfold across the songs on So Dark a Train‘s debut vinyl LP Lilacs.

So Dark a Train is a collaboration between two sisters that stretches across the western half of the United States. Cellist Nicole Calhoun lives in the urban wilderness of Los Angeles while guitarist Amanda Kooser dwells under shade trees in New Mexico.

The translucent cherry-red vinyl was pressed from a master cut on a lathe by Richard Houghten. It is limited to a total of 60 numbered LPs.

Amanda and Nicole’s mother, Kerry Eilleen, hand-carved the woodblock-print cover image of a lilac in flower. The band is also offering a sub-edition limited to 15 albums that each include an original 12-inch hand-pressed and hand-colored print created by the artist from the original matrix.

With the album release, So Dark a Train also debuted a music video for the title track, shot by acclaimed filmmaker Russell Houghten (“Urban Isolation”) in the graveyards of the Gold Rush country of Northern California.

The Details

Genre: Dark Americana
Price: $25
Sub-edition with woodblock print: $55

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Price $25

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