Originally released with a run of 300 LPs in 2012 on Calico Corp and Pleasence Records, A Hound at the Hem has been sold out for quite some time.  Ol’ Scotty Wickberg told you about it when it dropped, but you didn’t listen, did you?

Slim Twig is now signed up with DFA, though, a perfect home for his unique experimental dance rock synthesis.  They’ll be producing his newest endeavors, but in the meantime, we’re getting a chance at a super limited run of pink wax variants from one of his most criminally underrated works.

Slim’s vocal teeters between Brian Eno’s pitch-controlled experiments, David Bowie’s cocaine-fueled mid-70s croon, Iggy’s smack-induced morosity, and even Matthew Dear’s devilish darkwave swoons.  Heavy Splendour‘s pulsating bass crunch and ghostly soprano synths could pass as a b-side off Before and After Science, while All This Wanting is Nightclubbing Part 2 once you’ve sobered up a bit.

If you’re looking to add to that small pile of undefined albums on your record shelf, this one should fit right in.  Similarly to labelmate Sinkane’s recent limited vinyl run, these 100 copies will be gone fast.  Get it or get got.

The Details

We have 100 copies on pink vinyl out of a total pressing of 600. Comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with lyrics. Totally beautiful. We'll have photos soon.

Purchasing now gives you an instant digital download of "Maintain The Charade".

Slim Twig is the name of a man, not of a band - though he has performed in many a group, some under his
own moniker. Boasting a catalog several under-the-radar releases deep, the Toronto native lays claim to a tremendously original work with his orchestrally-inflected, art rock album, A Hound At The Hem. Self-produced in the fall, 2010, Hound is a suite of narrative songs thematically inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. DFA is privileged to reissue this album in advance of the release of Twig’s newest works.

Thanks to Alex for the tip!

Price $14.99

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